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L2EIRIN Vote! Interlude 0

  • date d'ajoutée: 2017-09-09 16:14:50
  • Propriétaire: Kiss
  • Site Web: https://l2eirin.com/?utm_sourc
  • Statut:
  • Prochainement: 2024-08-16 19:00:00 GMT+2
  • La langue: English
  • Géolocalisation: Lithuania
  • Plate-forme / Type: L2J Normal
taux Server
  • EXP: 30
  • SP: 30
  • TOMBER: 12
  • ADENA: 3
  • Enchanter sûr: 3
  • Enchanter max: 17
Bon à savoir
  • Boutique GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • zone personnalisée:
  • arme personnalisée:
  • armure personnalisée:
  • boutique Hors ligne:
Social share
ExpSP x30
Adena x3
Drop x12
Spoil x8
Seal Stone x3
Quests x3

The server assumes classical development in the game world all aspects of the Interlude classics are preserved
Fair play without donations affecting the balance
Newbie Buff up to level 24 inclusive
Obtaining professions standardly through quests
Offline trading command offline
Window limit 2 windows 1 for premium
Autoloot absent
There are no Shadow weapons and the ability to receive coupons
Manor the maximum number of seeds sold has been reduced to 13 of the base one
If FrenzyGutsZealot is active the spear will wrap around 3 targets
Advanced achievement system
Seasonal events and events

Offline trading
Activation of offline trading via the offline command
There are no fees for offline trading
The trading shop is active for 96 hours
Trading near GateKeeper is prohibited in all cities
Shopping area in the city of Giran

Useful game commands
cfgmenu Detailed character settings
rune Displays the remaining duration of runes and temporary items
en Enables English dialogues for NPCs
ru Enables Russian dialogues for NPCs
offline Allows you to exit the game leaving the character to trade or craft offtrade Craft
repair Restoring a character If your character cannot enter the game or is stuck critish or the loading screen does not end


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