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L2ProjectEssence Vote! Essence 0

  • date d'ajoutée: 2021-02-20 01:49:10
  • Propriétaire: Project Club
  • Site Web: https://projectessence.club
  • Statut:
  • La langue: English
  • Géolocalisation: France
  • Plate-forme / Type: L2J Normal
taux Server
  • EXP: 3
  • SP: 1
  • TOMBER: 1
  • ADENA: 2
  • Enchanter sûr: 4
  • Enchanter max: 30
Bon à savoir
  • Boutique GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • zone personnalisée:
  • arme personnalisée:
  • armure personnalisée:
  • boutique Hors ligne:
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Server Time GMT 3
New Death Knight Class available
New Sylph Class available
XP x3
Adena x1
Drop Rates x1
LCoins farmable
Reduced LCoins 8000pcs Pack Price
Free Teleport
1 Game Window
Class Rework
NO Reroll Available
Pets available and transferable within account
Mana Potions MP Recover increase with Character level
Glorious Circlet can be used together with Hero of Circlet
Weekly Heroes on Sunday
Weekly Giran and Goddard Siege Castles on Sunday
Weekly Events
Weekend Events
Weekly Loot Chests
Custom InGame DKP Via ALTB
Battle with Keber available
Monthly Battle Pass available
Offline Shop available set up shop and log out
LOA time From 00h to 04h server and from 18h to 24h on Monday Wednesday and Friday
Hellbound time From Saturday 10h to Sunday 04h
Frost Lord Castle time From 18h to 00h on Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Custom Cloak Skins
Frost Lord Weapon Skins
Inventory Expansion Rune
Sylph Update Skills
Frost Lord Update Skills
x2 Transcendent Entries per day
Progressive LCoin Shops Item release
Talisman Drop disabled from monsters


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