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L2 RaidFight Vote! Interlude1642

  • date d'ajoutée: 2020-03-01 12:02:49
  • Propriétaire: Spiros Skordilis
  • Site Web: https://raidfight.eu
  • Statut:
  • La langue: English
  • Géolocalisation: France
  • Plate-forme / Type: L2J Normal
taux Server
  • EXP: 3
  • SP: 3
  • TOMBER: 2
  • ADENA: 2
  • Enchanter sûr: 3
  • Enchanter max: 16
Bon à savoir
  • Boutique GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • zone personnalisée:
  • arme personnalisée:
  • armure personnalisée:
  • boutique Hors ligne:
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Game Rates

Experience: x3
Skill Points: x3
Adena: x2
Drop: x2
Spoil: x2
Manor: Disabled
Recipes Drop/Spoil: x1
Keymats Drop/Spoil: x1

Raid Boss Experience: x3
Raid Boss Skill Points: x3
Raid Boss Drop: x2
Epic Bosses Drop: x1

Seal Stones: x1.5
Herbs: x1
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 56%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 60%

Multibox - 3 game instances per HWID
Skills Requiring Spellbooks & SP
Retail Buff Slots (20+4)
Retail Buff Duration
Offline Shops (Available for free in villages only, required minimum Lv 25.)
Retail Class Transfer Quests
Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
Shift Click Droplist on Monsters
Global Trade Chat
Retail like Castle Sieges
Stackable Items ( Spellbooks, Book of Giants, Lifestones, Enchant Scrolls )
14d Olympiad Period (new heroes appear every 1st & 15th of each month, olympiad begins on 1st of May)

Vote Reward System with a 12 hour Voting Crystal that Increases your M. Atk, P. Atk, M. Def, P. Def, Casting Speed and Attack Speed by 4%


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