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L2DarkNick Vote! Interlude 0

  • date d'ajoutée: 2019-06-12 22:02:19
  • Propriétaire: darknick
  • Site Web: http://www.darknick.eu/
  • Statut:
  • La langue: English
  • Géolocalisation: Greece
  • Plate-forme / Type: L2J Normal
taux Server
  • EXP: 1000
  • SP: 1000
  • TOMBER: 1
  • ADENA: 1
  • Enchanter sûr: 4
  • Enchanter max: 20
Bon à savoir
  • Boutique GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • zone personnalisée:
  • arme personnalisée:
  • armure personnalisée:
  • boutique Hors ligne:
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PvPPk TitleName system Custom Announcements Settings Augment NormalCustom Syste Character control panel Starting title on new created chars Restriction for Blink rush skills while rooted Custom community board RaidBoss online informer Killing spree system Advanced balance system Vote rewardPvP Balance 999brCustom PvP Farm Zone With Auto Flag brCustom Community BoardbrOly every WeekbrCastle SiegesbrFully retail like skillsbrPk at teleport points where players spawn is not allowedlibrli Killing the same player over over is not allowed Players gameplay is affected and it wont be toleratedlibrli PK and PvP to the rest of the world is allowedlibrli Threats bad language wont be toleratedlibrli Offensive nicks titles clan names are not accepted They will be changed by uslibrli Bot Third Party Programs are not allowedlibrli Do Not Beg Administrators for Items Enchant Items Teleport Exp etclibrli Impersonating an Administrator is a Bannable Offenselibrli This server is not private for 1 clan or 1 ally So Understand Thatlibrli Respect Other Players Administratorslibrli Olympiad Feed is not allowed Points will be zeroedlibrli PvPPk Feed is not allowedlibrli Do not give your Username or Password Administrators never ask for themlibrli Administators are not responsible for Item loss do not ask Items back from themliAuto learning skillsbrFully working questsbrActive staffbrDaily Eventsbr


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