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L2Temida Vote! Interlude548

  • date d'ajoutée: 2018-07-09 11:24:05
  • Propriétaire: L2Temida
  • Site Web: http://www.l2temida.pl/
  • Statut:
  • La langue: English
  • Géolocalisation: France
  • Plate-forme / Type: L2J Normal
taux Server
  • EXP: 8
  • SP: 8
  • TOMBER: 8
  • ADENA: 6
  • Enchanter sûr: 3
  • Enchanter max: 16
Bon à savoir
  • Boutique GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • zone personnalisée:
  • arme personnalisée:
  • armure personnalisée:
  • boutique Hors ligne:
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Lineage 2 Temida The best Polish server Lineage 2 Interlude We have many years of experience related to the game Lineage 2 Interlude which we dedicate to the server where you will spend your free time pleasently We listen to each individual we consider each proposal we try to fix all errors related to the game immediately after the notification We are a young team that strives to make the game give you a lot of joy and let us fulfill ourselves in realizing the goals we have set ourselves Anti bot 99 SmartGuard Anti PHX etc Online Admins Events in places and cities Very quick bug fixes Very good Geodata The server is set up in France Try server and website httpwwwl2temidapl Najlepszy polski server Lineage 2 Interlude Zapraszamy You need check We encourage you to vote for the server on all votes sites To play on the server you must create an account on the website Online 24h No Custom Honest Admins
Head Admin Haber
News 2019-03-30 18:34:57
Add SmartGuard ( Antibot 99 % )


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